LilyK stocks colourful European yarn brands

LilyK Yarn Shop an independent shop stocks colourful brands such as Durable Yarns and Scheepjes from the Netherlands, Borgo d’ Pazzi from Italy, Bobbiny Cotton Cords from Poland and Lang Yarns from Germany.

Lily also stocks Shetland yarn from the Grifford’s Farm from Bressay Shetland, beautiful wool from their Shetland sheep fleeces in 10 natural colours.

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My Story

 Yarn is the answer, no matter what the questions is.

Loving yarn is something special and hard to explain to others who don’t see the attraction. When you see yarn, you just have to touch it and admire the colours.

Just think that with some yarn/wool and two knitting needles or a crochet hook, you can make complete outfits, toys, or decoration for your home. 

Lily’s yarn love started back in 2015 and she  taught herself how to crochet, thereafter she extended her skills to basic knitting and now totally adores Macramé.

While being Dutch, Lily wants to bring all the Dutch designs and influences to the North East of Scotland for you to enjoy the crafts that she loves and teaches.

Lily designs and produces baskets and bags with the Bobbiny Cotton Cords. Through workshops and craft kits she extends her build up knowledge to other crafters. 

You can find the Bobbiny baskets and macramé kits in the Yarn Shop in Banchory and via this Online shop. 

“It is a little known fact that much like birds, who can always find north, knitters can always find yarn.” ~ Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
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