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First blog post from LilyK

First blog post from LilyK – The transformation from my Yarn Shop to a Studio at home

Well here it goes, my first blog 

Now that my yarn shop is closed since 26th of November ’22, I needed to transform my spare room/office to a studio, and fill it with lots of yarn of course. I wanted to display all the Bobbiny cotton & macramé cords in my new ‘studio’. I still have some Scheepjes and Durable yarns left too, however they will to be added the online shop, which will take some more time. 

However this spare room needed first some fresh paint as I don’t master the craft of adding wall paper very well… I did it once and the pattern was upside down. 

Visiting the Paint Shed in Westhill and I found the perfect colour from Johnstone Paint called Mauve Madness, it matched with the new winter colour called Mauve from Bobbiny which I totally adore. So Mauve Madness it was for the walls. The off white colour of the doors and the carpet would match that very well.

So I bought a big tin of 4.6 litre and we started painting the walls (My son helped). Two coats did the job and we still have half of the tin left! Hmm I wonder what I can paint too?

It took us 5 days including cleaning the carpet with one of these beasts of Carpet cleaners you can hire @ Morrisions. I cleaned carpet of the landing, stairs and the hall way in one go and was exhausted. Not a great tool to lift out of your car and up the stairs. And then the constant filling up with warm water from downstairs and empty the dirty water. 

Anyway it’s now all done and I think it looks lovely and the room feels very cosy. Below you will find all the pictures of the transformation, some before and after.. 

What do you think?   You always can pop in for a wee lookie if you want .

Some of the Bobbiny Cotton & Macramé cords & kits are now added to the  LilyK Online Yarn Shop and you have an option to collect from Banchory now too.

Other yarns and stock is still available only not on my website, so please ask if you really wanted something from my shop however couldn’t make it to purchase it before I closed.

It’s best to message or email me, while I have started my part-time job in the Red Cross Charity Shop in Banchory, so it’s not farewell, I’m still working and living in Banchory!

See you soon


Transformation 1
Transformation 2
Transformation 3
Transformation 5
Transformation 7
Transformation 6
LilyK Online Yarn Shop 1
LilyK Online Yarn Shop 2
LilyK Online Yarn Shop

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