Crochet basket wooden base


Make beautiful home items with Bobbiny Braided cotton cord and a crochet basket wooden base.


You can use a crochet basket wooden base to make a basket with the Bobbiny Cotton Cord or other cords.

When you use a crochet basket base you will save some yarn / cord and of course some time.

The crochet basket wooden base are available in the following sizes;

  1. Round 15cm in diameter (for a plant pot)
  2. Round 17cm in diameter (for a wider plant pot too)
  3. Round 20cm in diameter
  4. Oval 20cm x 10cm wide
  5. Square 21.5cm

These crochet basket bases are part of the complete Crochet Basket Kit which you can find on my website.  Please find below the links for the kit, tutorial and other kits.

Please be aware that the crochet basket bases are branded with the LilyK logo and therefore can not be sold (with added yarn or other materials) on a commercial bases, nor at craft fairs. 


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm
Wooden basket bases separately

Oval 20cm (5mm thick), Round 15cm (5mm thick) Plant pot, Round 17cm (5mm tick), Round 20cm (5mm thick), Square 21cm (5mm thick)


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